What should you take with you to Fuerteventura?

On the island of eternal spring, it can also be quite summery in the winter at any time. Nevertheless, warm clothes are always a good idea, be from November to April. And otherwise you get everything for the emergency well on site.

What do you need in your suitcase and the first aid kit?

Frequently discussed topics in forums are this: „How strong is the wind on Fuerteventura?“ „How is the weather in winter?“ „What should you take with you, including medicines and what should I pay attention to?“ First to the weather and the right clothes. Taking a bikini, swimsuit or swimming trunks makes sense in every season, as you can always swim in the sea on Fuerteventura.

Otherwise, it has long been rumored: Yes – Fuerteventura is known for its wind, but that does not mean that there are not weather phases in which it is often almost no wind for weeks and blowing only a little breeze. However, if you are sensitive to wind, like kids , you should take something with you, which also protects the ears from sand. Important for old and young is definitely a very high sun protection. Often you do not notice the power of the sun thanks to the wind and this can really end ugly at the end of a long sunny day. Although this should have been rumored long ago, we see often suffering sunburn victims on their vacation in the shade.

A thin windbreaker always makes sense when hiking and between December and April you should never miss a warm jacket, sweater or similar clothing. Hikers, surfers and bikers surely know best what they need. In any case, a jacket ore sweater is usually quite good between December and April, especially when the fresh Atlantic air flows over the island in the evenings. An emergency pharmacy for Fuerteventura may make sense for one or the other and the content should be discussed individually with the family doctor.

But we would like to point out that there are enough doctors and pharmacies on Fuerteventura and you can always get the necessary medicines on site. Most even significantly cheaper than in Germany. Guests of fuerteventura-privat.de benefit from our contacts also to doctors on site – very good Spanish as well as German- and English-speaking and German doctors. In an emergency, we can also organize an ambulance for them, which luckily we only had to do once. Maybe it makes sense to take some ear drops or eye drops with you for childs. There are also two very good paediatricians on the island for children, who we can recommend if there are any problems.

Finally, maybe a comment on the water. The water is a precious commodity on the island and is obtained almost exclusively from sea water desalination plants. You should not drink the water from the tap, even if you will survive. It also tastes mostly a bit chlorinated. But you can brush your teeth with it at any time and you could also cook vegetables, rice and pasta with it. However, the matter is more a matter of taste for us. This is also discussed quite differently on the Internet and we ourselves in any case prefer to cook our soups, stews, rice and pasta with the water from the supermarket. That you can also buy in large 8 liter canisters. We also prepare the coffee and tea with it. By the way – even the drinking water in the supermarket in our opinion has different quality and taste different. We are happy to recommend our guests the same water, which we buy ourselves clearly prefer.

Do you still have questions about something? I you need a hair dryer or a beach towel in your holiday rental? Just ask us, we’ll sort that out for you.