Gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan restaurants on Fuerteventura.

Vegetarian cuisine. Vegan restaurants. Gluten-free food. These topics are the "new" holiday themes and have also reached Fuerteventura for quite some time. For individual travelers it´s not so easy to find so much restaurants during the last years a lot has already developed positively.

Gluten-free food on holiday is also increasingly being discussed on Fuerteventura.

People who suffer from celiac disease are known to be able to eat only strictly gluten-free. This is not always easy when traveling. In any case, these topic is increasingly being discussed in special travel forums, and we often get questions about whether there are any restaurants in Fuerteventura that offer gluten-free food.
The search for restaurants and shops for the vegan or vegetarian diet has increased significantly in recent years. While there are already some hotels that have adjusted well, the offer for all individual travelers is not quite as big as you might want.
And yet – on Fuerteventura some restaurants and shops have adapted to it and also in most supermarkets there are already gluten-free products to buy. In addition, of course, you will find in all supermarkets and regional markets enough products that do not get gluten by nature, such as the delicious Canarian potatoes, corn, milk and dairy products, fresh fish, meat, eggs, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, Canarian Honey, delicious jams and much more.
Are you looking for a restaurant or a shop near your holiday home, where you will find gluten-free food? Or a vegan and vegetarian restaurant? We are always in close contact with  locals and our guests can always ask us for a gluten free ore vegan holiday.