I would like to share the love for my native island Fuerteventura with you.

I was born on Fuerteventura and I am always happy when other people fall in love with my home. With fuerteventura-privat.de I try to make a small contribution. For over 10 years, I am happy about a lot of positive feedback, about the big and the small declarations of love to my island and the beautiful holiday homes and holiday apartments I recommend on Fuerteventura. But who am I?

My name is Marga Ramirez Perez, born on Fuerteventura, married to a German and a happy mama of an already grown-up daughter and a still very small son.

At fuerteventura-privat.de you are not only a normal customer. You are the one, I like to advise personally and extensively from the beginning, of course only on request. It´s u to you. I take the time for it. You should fall in love to my island as soon as possible and especially the appropriate accommodation belongs to it.

The on-site service from fuerteventura-privat.de makes the difference.

It was important for me, from the beginning, that my „my guests“ never feel alone after the mediation. I don´t want to let them alone with the holiday accommodation and their holiday plannings. For this reason, you always have a telephone number and e-mail address to which you can contact us at any time. In addition, we can provide you with many additional services for an all-round holiday: such as the provision of cheap and very good car rental, the comfortable delivery and pick-up service of mountain bikes, the recommendation of restaurants including table reservation, the organization of birthdays, Jubilees and small events or, for example, mediation of private sailing trips.

With fuerteventura-privat.de you book more than only a holiday home. You also book a piece of „my world“.

And this world is much bigger and colorful than the number that is the sum in your offer. To my world belongs the wonderful life on Fuerteventura. There are my favorite beaches, my favorite trips, my restaurants and bars, the people I appreciate and who like me, who help me and my friends at any time, and it is the places where I like to rest linger and relax. It is the sunsets that I enjoy here, the full moon nights and it is the good authentic cuisine that you can get. In hidden places. My world is, of course, also the holiday houses, which I carefully select and convey with a clear conscience. It is also the people who work every day to manage and care for the houses.

It is this world that you can definitely find at fuerteventura-privat.de. Just browse around here.

I look forward to meeting you,

Marga Ramirez Perez