Really rare - but when it gets cold on Fuerteventura.

Heating on Fuerteventura? That does not have to be. But you can do it! With the "Warm up Service" from you get more warmth in your holiday accommodation even in the winter months.

We thought a lot about the heating in the house.

Actually, Fuerteventura is known as a popular sun travel destination, especially in winter, and stands for the eternal spring even in autumn and winter. Fuerteventura is the warmest island in the Canary Islands, which is why most of the cottages have no heating and no heated pools. For the few days when it’s really cold, it’s not worth for the owners and property managers – who are more than happy about a few days „coldness“ a year on this desert-like volcanic island. And yet in the months of January and February on Fuerteventura, you can experience days when it is only 14 to 16 degrees warm. And since the island is a small, flat blob in the vast, wide Atlantic Ocean, it all feels a bit fresher and colder in the evening.

And that’s why it’s now called „Warm up“ with

The idea came from our guests who occasionally asked us if we could not provide a few radiators? This is now possible – directly with us. Order your radiators right now with your booking at (one or two radiators). Our „Warm up Service“ offers you a radiator for a flat rate of EUR 75/ week and two radiators for EUR 99/week. For a stay of more than two weeks and you have to pay (from te beginning of the the second week) only EUR 35/week (1 radiator) and EUR 70/week for 2 radiators. This flat fee includes the delivery, installation and collection of the radiators, as well as the assumption of the costs for the electricity through us.

One request – order this service as soon as possible as we only have a limited number of radiators. The earlier, the sooner the availability is guaranteed.