You are a barbecue fan and are looking for the best BBQ location?

Barbecue means for many of us more than just packing meat and sausages on the griddle. Barbecuing is a philosophy of its own, a way of life style and for many a meditative experience or social event.

Fuerteventura is the perfect place for having barbecue.

Admittedly – our guests usually choose their holiday properties according to different criteria than the perfect place to barbecue. Mostly it is the proximity to the beach that counts or a nice big pool as well as the quiet location away from mass tourism. But who loves barbecues will be glad obout the perfect weather almost every day on Fuerteventura. And then you should not miss the right accommodation.

Barbecues on vacation is sacred to you?

After all, the word „Barbecue“ probably comes from the Spanish-Mexican word „barbacoa“, which is generally translated as „holy hearth“. This fits perfect, of course, to a number of fincas and holiday homes in our program.

The only question that may still arise. What is more important to you? The view while having barbecue or the grill itself? Real barbecue lovers may not want to do it without a stone barbecue, and for the simple barbecue romantics, on the other hand, a small kettle grill with a panoramic view is enough.

You have the choice and what we actually wanted to say to you with this post is the following: For your perfect holiday, no question is foreign or even too much for us. Not even the right barbecue location for your dream holiday on Fuerteventura. Come on. Let us know what is important for you.