fuerteventura-privat.de is now conquering the north of the island

"The place to be"! That's how many Fuerteventura fans describe the north of the island. And indeed it is very lively, creative and international. And this is also reflected in the colorful range of restaurants, bars, cafes and many small shops.

The north of Fuerteventura – international, eclectically creative and for some „the place to be“.

In recent years, the requests for holiday accommodation in the north of Fuerteventura have increased very much and we will finally meet with new houses. Within a short time we have been able to add four new cottages to our program, all of which are close to El Cotillo, Corralejo, La Oliva, Tindaya and Villaverde and have a lot to offer for all fans of the north.

Here is the small cozy and historic Canary house with „cuddly pool“ very close to El Cotillo, there the small guest house near Tindaya on a private property with private heated pool , or the fine, historic country estate with beautiful garden and light colonial setting in a secluded, enchanted valley and not forgetting the modern holiday home with a lovely design and private pool very close to the beaches around Corralejo.

Lovers of the north of Fuerteventura are especially fans of the local versatility in terms of landscape and culture. In addition, one senses here at every turn a certain internationality, which is so pleasantly different, as the life in the still very strongly German influenced south of the island.

There are not only spectacular, everlasting white sandy beaches, small bathing lagoons, secluded bays and sensational desert and dune landscapes, but in contrast to the south there are also many excellent restaurants and good shopping facilities with many small, local and often creative shops.

Families with children will especially love the Grandes Playas de Corralejo, which stretch from Corralejo for several kilometers to the southeast, to the dune El Jable. In strong winds, of course, the kitbeboarder, surfers and windsurfers will find their paradise. The north-west, however, thrilled with El Cotillo where there are several beaches. Large natural sand beaches with windy surfer areas as well as small wuiet lagoon-like and very fine sandy beaches.


But the island’s capital Puerto Rosario becomes from year to year also prettier and is now more and more interesting for tourists. The waterfront and the nearby pedestrian zones can now be seen.

Further reports about the north of the island will follow and with them certainly new holiday rentals around Lajares, Villa Verde, La Oliva, El Cotillo and Corralejo.