Fuerteventura is delicious.

Do you also want to eat healthy on holiday? Then pick up your vegetables, salad and fruit fresh from the farmer. We show you the way.

Discover the fresh taste of Fuerteventura

Fresh salads, fresh fruit and lots of vegetables directly from the farmer? Is that possible in Fuerteventura?

Unfortunately, many holidaymakers on Fuerteventura do not even know how many healthy vegetables and fresh fruit are grown on our soil. Most believe that this dry island has nothing to offer but goats and tomatoes. Far from it. In addition to the first-class goat cheese and the delicious Fuerteventura tomatoes, there is a diverse agriculture with great fresh products on our island.

We particularly appreciate this valuable work of the local farmers and are therefore happy to support them.

In the south of the island we have good contact with a farmer who not only supplies the hotels and restaurants with his fresh salads, fresh vegetables and many spices.
Ask us and we can gladly place your order there or you can drive there yourself and have a look around.

Anyone who has eaten a freshly cut lettuce from the farmer will soon stop buying lettuce from the supermarket. But you can find a lot more there like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, lemons, free range eggs etc.

Fuerteventura eats delicious.

Please note.

We only offer services like these – are of charge – to holidaymakers who have booked their accommodation at fuerteventura-privat.de.