Emigrating to Fuerteventura? Buy property?

Not everyone knows Fuerteventura as well as we do. If you are interested and have a little more money for our advisory service when buying a property in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or Gran Canaria, you can certainly benefit from it.

That’s not our core business. But…

we get several inquiries about this almost every week. For this reason we offer you now the following services:

Have you found a property on the internet that interests you? We can contact the broker for you, visit the property, provide you with comprehensive information about the condition of the property and also tell you something about the location/neighborhood etc. We can prepare everything for you so that when you visit the island and after viewing the property, you can purchase it relatively quickly and, above all, safely.

You tell us your budget and your search criteria and we look around on site, use our contacts and send you suggestions. Advantage – we often already know attractive properties that are to be sold before they are offered online.
After purchasing the property – or even before that – we can get a „rough“ estimate for you of what it will cost you to renovate the property according to your ideas.

Of course, this advisory service is not free. But we are sure that it can be of great use to some of you. We have been active on Fuerteventura as brokers for holiday apartments for 20 years and have a good reputation on the island. We know many owners personally and also real estate agents and notaries as well as craftsmen whom we trust.

We can also offer you the service on the neighboring islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria in exchange for appropriate payment and assumption of travel expenses.